Mile A Day May

Mile A Day May

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May Fitness Challenge: #MILEADAY

This month we challenge you to move at least 1 Mile Every Day in May. (Sub: Row 2k or Bike 3 Miles). Track in TRIIB or post on Instagram #MILEADAY (tag @powdermillcrossfit)

A large group of people in Mass are doing this. We did it last year and it really helped me personally. I believe it helped to have a task I could accomplish each day. Some days it took me more than 15 minutes. Other days less than 10. But, “Honey, give me :20 minutes, I’ve got to get ‘My Mile’ in” became a thing in my house. Then on the days I thought, “Oof, I don’t know,” my husband started to help encourage me: “Yes, it’s just :10 minutes you can do it.” You, your family and friends all can join!

I started to even just do laps up and down my street. I realized I can get in 1 mile just about anywhere. And I can get it in between meetings. Or, in those :15 minutes which I (rarely) and early to class. Next,  1 mile started to feel better and better, I started to make it 1.5, and then 2 some days.

So, give it a try! Do you have to run? No, you can pick to walk. Does it have to be all at once? No, you can accumulate 1 mile. Does it have to be every day? That is the goal, but if you get 25 in 1 month, I think that’s a big win!

Daily Goals


One Mile

Record One Mile a Day - any way  OR Sub: Row 2k or Bike 3 Miles

Completion Based Goals


Complete 25 Days of 1 Mile

Alternative Option - Complete 25 days


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Mile A Day May

Dates: May 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021

Reg Deadline: May 15, 2021

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